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About the Author

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The search to uncover the figure we know as Jesus the Nazarene (or "Yeshu ha-Notzri") began in the fall of 1973 and has continued off and on to this day. The author's last line of work (off and on over 20 years) was devoted to business software development and related programming. That career has taken him as far away as rainforest Africa. While the author is not a scholar, across his adult life he has made it his quest to understand Jesus the Nazarene in a historical light. That passion has led him into many areas of investigation which includes:

* understanding temple worship

* Jewish festivals;

* Mosaic themes;

* historical Galilee;

* the synagogue;

* Roman Palestine;

* the Land of Israel;

* orality;

* ancient storytelling;

* the group vs individual dynamic;

* other sociological themes blanketing the geographical setting;

* the role of "elders" in ancient society;

* the canonical Gospels (with emphasis on John and Mark);

* Palestinian Christianity;

* the Apostle Paul;

* themes surrounding Judaic "renewal";

* first-century Palestinian violence and social unrest;

* so-called "exorcism" inside the historical setting;

* Greeks versus Jews;

* the early gospel witnessed as "Signs" tradition;

* related historical works of classical scholars;

* the Dead Sea Scrolls;

* John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene;

* Passion Week;

* and the Resurrection.


This list is far from complete.

These two volumes strongly suggest that mainstream scholarship has committed grievous errors reconstructing their so-called "historical" models. Thus, the necessity to ultimately publish the author's findings.

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